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Dear Prospective Customer,

Thank you for taking interest in was originally founded based on experiences gained from working with software vendors in the capital markets and financial technology industries. The idea is to where possible industrialize value creation approaches that have proven successful based on our past experiences. And subsequently work embedded with customer teams, management teams and owners, provide coaching and when needed offer engagement models that allow for knowledge, resource and asset transfer. I am grateful for being given the opportunity to gain more than 20 years of own experience in the software industry including several senior operations, innovation, delivery, sales, co-founder, management, advisor as well as board roles in small to mid-sized software companies. Relevant experience also includes being involved with several acquisitions, sponsoring major product initiatives and being directly responsible for large sales with banks, brokers, asset managers, regulators, securities exchanges and insurance companies.

Several colleagues and partners come with extensive software and business experience from a wide range of industries. Through our partner network, we currently have access to a pool of 200+ highly qualified resources that offer their services in mixed nearshore/onsite set-ups with dedicated business analysis-, front-end-, back-end-, QA- and operations-teams. We usually work with a staged approach where we can ramp up and provide our clients with dedicated team-sizes of 3 -25 persons. On a needs basis we can also provide project managers or advisors that work embedded with relevant customer teams also including customer management teams, boards and owners. On request we also take on interim management assignments. We are happy to provide our services in a number of languages including English, German, Swedish as well as several CEE languages.

We are looking forward to starting a conversation.

Best Regards,

Anders Henriksson

Managing Director

+43 676 7215116 (mobile)

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