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Our Customers

ADDE and its partners provide its services to software vendors and operators in a number of industries. Examples of service scope and served industries include:

  • Financial Services and Capital Markets

    • Banking Software, Trading Software - OMS/EMS, Market Data, FIX Software & Solutions, Payments, Content Management & Omni Channel Platforms, Evaluations, QA, Implementation of Web- and Mobile Apps, Maintenance, Management & Operations, Extension Teams

  • Software

    • Business Incubation & Operations, Business Analysis & Development, Enterprise Sales, SaaS & Data-Driven Business Strategies, QA, Implementation, Management & Operations, Extension Teams, ​Buy & Build Strategies, Product Positioning & Marketing Strategies, CRM, KPIs, Dev-Ops Tooling.

  • Private Equity & Venture Capital

    • Supporting Business & Technical Due Diligence, Deal Sourcing, Support & Services to portfolio companies during holding period​, Engagement model that allows for transfer of resources and assets.

  • Healthcare

    • Data Collection & Visualization​​
  • ​Telecommunications​

    • Cloud based communications solutions​

  • Transportation

    • Software Solutions in on-demand transportation.​

  • Electronics & IoT

    • Low-level programming & drivers​, QA

Through our partners, we currently have access to a pool of 200+ highly qualified resources that work in mixed nearshore/onsite set-ups with dedicated business analysis-, front-end-, back-end-, QA- and operations-teams. We usually work with a staged approach where we can ramp up and provide our clients with dedicated team-sizes of 3 -25 persons. On a needs basis we can also provide advisors that work embedded with management teams as well as boards and owners or take on interim management assignments.

Our Technologies & Approaches

We cover a wide range of technologies & approaches. Examples include:

iOS: C/C++, Objective C, Swift

Android: Java, Kotlin, ReactN

Server side: Java, PHP, Python, Node.js


Frontend: JavaScript, HTML5, Reactjs

Automated & Manual QA

UI/UX Design

Automation & DevOps


AI & Machine Learning

Several commercial software packages

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